I believe that the time of life is never wasted, it goes by giving us some lessons.

If you learn something from your wasted time, I believe that your time was not wasted.

Never waste time. Whenever time passes, it teaches us something or something. If we do not learn from our past, then we believe that we wasted that time but it is not the maximum that people have spent in their past From the time of course, they learn something about what he did badly or he said that he wasted his time sitting and the person who learns something from his lost time and works hard. Is because he feels that time is not going on with him. He tries to work twice as hard to keep time with him and some people may not learn anything from his lost time or wasted time and he If they want to stay as they are, that is their intention, that is their decision, we will not tell them that their time is being wasted because they themselves have taken that decision if we are going from Delhi to Mumbai. Hey and we forget the way, we get that journey very late, so it means that we will take care of it in the coming times that we have to keep a good watch on the path and do not ignore that we are on the wrong path. Not going and if a person repeats that mistake again and he does not care then it cannot happen to him. I am his own fault. Time is wasted but most people waste that If you learn something from the past and try to do better than that, then I believe that wasting time or having some difficulty teaches us to live life and teaches hard work in life, so it is necessary to face difficulties. Important because we cannot understand what is the value of time in our life and then we are able to explain to other people also, we are able to explain to our children. Find convince your friends to get them to learn, and he spent the whole of your time please.


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