Every relationship is not the same, all relationships have different importance in our life.

We form different relationships with different people

We always make a relationship according to our needs and every relationship does not last for ages with us and some relationships are like that which last with us. Friends are very important in life for us, we give our friends a different place in our life. We love everyone, first of all, we love everyone because it is a human being and we always love a human being Rdi should be a love that it is our first duty is life should and we must recognize this duty and role as humanity's biggest relationship is very important, it should always have a value.

Friendship relationships are never boring. Yes, maybe a boy is befriending a girl or a girl, and then he starts feeling like it looks better to me or to the girl that Better then that boy is good. I should befriend him. He makes a physical relationship in a way and after some time he starts getting upset with that relationship. It is not about friendship, this relationship is of personal needs, after fulfilling their needs, that person starts withdrawing from that relationship, then he tries to make his relation at other place, then we will say that we are never bored with friendship. is

If we have to get someone to do our work and we befriend him then he feels important until after we finish our work then after that we start getting upset with that relationship, we try to leave that relationship If we are befriending someone, then we do not do it. I have a relationship with us throughout our age. Being upset with a relationship is that relationship you have created for any of your needs. Ga so you start getting upset with that relationship after a while, if you befriend someone, then that relationship goes on with you throughout your life and friends always help you, you are useful and you are also someone's friend. Will be useful and you will also help someone, friendship is very important in life, choose your friends carefully and good friends take you to the heights and bad friends The you can also push the heights.


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